Bantu Holomisa Quotes

Bantu Holomisa.

The Transkei Defence Force was never part of the border controls of South Africa, so we were lucky in that sense.

Holomisa alone would have not sustained the UDM up until now.

Even the DA, which is the official opposition today, at one stage had one member in parliament for years.

With limited numbers which we have, we have shaped the politics of this country.

You wouldn't emancipate the majority citizens of this country if they don't have access to land as part of security of tenure.

There is a net which we need to look at, that is the unskilled labour force which is experiencing a lot of problems currently.

We must move away from a system where we promote a dependency syndrome.

The word discipline must go through to everybody that things will be done along the disciplinary standards.

Floor affected the voters, people began to lose faith in the voting system of South Africa. They asked themselves what's the point of going to vote if these people tomorrow are going to cross the floor to other parties. That has discouraged the voters of the UDM.

It has not yet dawned in my vocabulary or mind that I should be quitting politics or even quitting this position.

We need to make sure that we continue this good image of South Africa to be a beacon of hope for this continent.

We now know the cost of state capture, billions of rands have been stolen and many state institutions and agencies have been weakened.

Since 1999, the UDM has steadily campaigned to have party funding legislation put in place which has recently been signed into law.

South Africa's economic growth could be realised if we all worked together and communicate one message to the would be investors, both local and abroad.

Hygiene at many clinics is at unacceptable levels and must be addressed immediately.

It remains a sad fact that many South Africans must travel huge distances to the nearest clinic or hospital, therefore health infrastructure and services need to be provided closer to the poor.

We can never advance as a nation if we do not educate our young.

One cannot imagine a situation where a child works with a tablet at a mud school, who has has no electricity to even charge the battery of that tablet.

For the development of South African and African economies, it makes sense to gradually cease the mass export of raw material so that jobs are created locally through homegrown processing and manufacturing.

When you are a leader, you take risks.