Herman Mashaba Quotes

Herman Mashaba.

As a leader, you are expected from time to time to take tough unpopular decisions.

One of my deepest fears in South Africa is to see the disintegration of our families.

A lot of people don't go into business because they fear failure.

I started my business with R30 000 from Walter Dube who I didn't know.

If we want to be a successful nation without entrepreneurial development, we can as much forget it because government is not going to solve our problem.

Our labour laws have, to a large extent, contributed to the demise of black entrepreneurship, including the tenderpreneurship spirit that we created.

As an entrepreneur, you cannot fear failure. You've got to look at what is possible.

South Africa cannot be used as a test case to accommodate people without documentation.

Anywhere in the world the opposition exists as a government in waiting, challenging elections and offering alternatives. In South Africa, our opposition parties are small and do not have broad appeal. They represent the niche interests of race, religion, language or geography.

I want the people of the world to come to South Africa. Our country will be stronger when people come here to work, live and travel, but people coming to South Africa must come here legally and when here, obey our laws.

The reality is that South Africa doesn't have borders.

There's no way I'm gonna accept the kind of nonsense that's happening where we say our borders must be open for any criminal to come here.

We are not going to save this country by AK-47s. We are going to save this country by standing up for our rights, standing up to go and vote.

I take tough decisions throughout my life. I'm not in this world to make friends, but one thing for sure I value friendship.

I'm a very strong believer in free market economy. I believe the government's role is to create a conducive environment for businesses to operate, particularly small businesses. Government does not have the resources, nor the expertise to drive the economy.

Most career politicians have never succeeded in anything outside politics. They've never built a business, never arrested a criminal, never cured a sick patient or spent a day in a classroom teaching our young people.

As a young black South African born to a domestic worker during the dark days of apartheid, society did not expect me to make much of myself. I was born into a system that did not want me to succeed. That did not want us to succeed, but I made a decision that I was not going to give up on my dreams and let the system keep me down.

Don't allow others to dictate your destiny. It might not be easy, but you can succeed.

South Africa needs empowerment of previously disadvantaged people of Alexandra, people of Zandspruit, people of KwaMashu.

If you want to become a businessman, go and become a businessman. Don't apologise to anyone about making money.