Jacob Zuma Quotes

Jacob Zuma.

We do not accept people who overthrow governments that have been democratically elected as legitimate governments.

It takes very few people, at times, to cause chaos. And if you are in a democracy, that chaos can go on and on.

South Africa is a success story.

When we went to Robben Island, I don't think anyone of us thought we would at some point in our lives be given the task of such enormous responsibilities to be a president of a country.

In the minds of many, when this commission was established it was to find fault within me.

During the struggle, some people sold out, for different reasons. Some were recruited into the ranks of the enemy, for different reasons. But we had believed that once we get into our freedom, whoever was doing a wrong thing they would abandon it.

It is absolutely important to realise that you can't kill the African National Congress easily.

We should remain in our trenches to defend the ANC.

In the ANC, particularly in the MK, there were people we used to call askaris, who were killing. We now have modern askaris.

I have been provoked enough for over 20 years and I think that must come to a stop.

Africa, of all regions of the world, was the only one that was totally colonised and stayed therefore for a long time without doing its own things.

There is no single person who can collapse a department, particularly a department like the treasury.

People have tended to exaggerate the issue of racism, because they say South Africa is still a racist country. Not true, we defeated racism when we pursued the nonracial society. Our society is a rainbow nation, it's nonracial.

6 is the time that was stuck in my head in prison. The bell rang at six and it got to my blood. At six I must wake up, even if I can sleep thereafter.

One of the things I taught myself, don't get angry, anger has put people into many difficulties.

If you allow the sense of anger to dominate, you can commit murder without realising. Once that sense goes down, you realise how big a mess you have done.

I wanted to go to school desperately. I even had things I wanted to become. I thought I must be a teacher. If not a teacher, a pastor. If not a pastor, a lawyer.

I pleaded that I wanted to go to school and then the question was, who is going to look after your father's cattle?

I've spend a bit of time in the ANC. At no stage I ever said to the leadership 'Hayi, your decision is not right'. It's the first time I feel a decision is not right and I disagree with it.

There is nothing I've done wrong. This is policy. What people are suggesting is a new phenomena. What is the problem? I don't understand.

I'm being victimised here.

You can't force a decision as it has been done now to another cadre, to another leader.