Julius Malema Quotes

Julius Malema, leader of the EFF.

Your comrades Mr President [Ramaphosa] do not read. The reality is that they don't read. They read True Love magazine and DRUM.

De Klerk is a murderer, de Klerk has got blood on his hands. The people of Boipatong are turning in their graves.

I'm a shareholder in On Point, I got money in On Point, Madonsela makes that point, so the matter of whether On Point got a tender rightfully or wrongly is now before court. All I'm saying you cannot have a tender of R50 million collapse a province of a budget of R47 billion.

We [EFF] are a clean party, we've never been found guilty of any wrongdoing. Not mentioned in any report.

Zuma investigated the Rogue Unit and found that there was a rogue unit. Zuma, in his typical way, instead of dismantling it and making sure that these people are prosecuted, he inherited the rogue unit and continued with its illegal activities.

Our job is to deal with uncomfortable questions, so that we open the eyes of South Africans.

Equality does not mean going to the same shops. Equality does not mean going to the same hospitals. We didn't struggle to swim with white people in the same beach.

Why didn't Cyril reduce cabinet significantly as the first step towards saving this country a lot of money? Why do we have Parliament here in Cape Town and not in Pretoria, because this Parliament is costing South Africa a lot of money.

President Zuma wanted to capture Treasury without following the due process and they were in a hurry to do that, and then the immediate disturbance for them was Pravin.

We will defend Busisiwe Mkhwebane, that's our position, because the reasons advanced to remove her are not constitutional. You cannot remove a person because she ruled against your favourites.

We are a nonracial organisation. We want to unite South Africa and we believe that the unity of South Africa depends on changing the patterns of property ownership.

You close the restaurants and you open churches. What is the contribution of the church into the economy? The restaurants, by the way, practiced social distancing without COVID-19.

The crime of Sunnyside must be fought and only the fearless EFF can fight the crime of Sunnyside.

Where did Cyril get the accent from? He's an adopted child of the Menell family. He grew up respecting whiteness. He grew up worshiping whiteness.

We don't have to explain ourselves to white people, we owe them no explanation. We are fighting for the oppressed and when you fight for the oppressed it doesn't mean you hate other people.

The only way we can talk as equals with America, and China, and the East and Europe is when we become a country as Africa, so we can be equal to them and we can negotiate as equals. Swaziland claims to be a country with so few people in Swaziland and pretends that it can negotiate on its own with the coloniser England.

Positions in the EFF are contested, ideas in the EFF are contested and therefore when we contest each other we are not enemies.

We must confront the banks in South Africa and the financial sector in general. They are too powerful.

We don't exist because of the eNCA which has got less than 500 thousand viewership. My Twitter followers are bigger than the eNCA. The EFF got more votes than the viewers of the eNCA.

Any fighter who is found wearing a beret and a t-shirt during xenophobic attacks, that fighter has defined himself outside the organisation, because we are for Africans. Comrades, when Africans are attacked, we must give them safe homes.