Mbuyiseni Ndlozi Quotes

Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.

There is a lot of embedded journalism linked to the people who seek the destruction of the EFF, because the EFF attacks and exposes white monopoly capital.

We are not populists, we speak the truth whether there are millions following a specific idea or not.

There is no racial unity in South Africa. There is no unity between black people and white people. In fact, the problems of the country remain on the basis of racial lines.

South Africans must stop living a lie.

The state has been so attractive to parasitic individuals that when they are done destroying the state, they are going to come for Kaya, they are going come for the churches, they are going to come for the universities.

Politics for me is an important call to fix this country.

Our agenda in the main is poor black people and the rest of black people.

When you secure black people in this country, you secure everyone else.

H&M has admitted that what it did is racist and that's all that matters.

If you are angry at racism and you and express yourself violently, we are not going to distance ourselves from you. We are going to affirm you, because we understand where that came from.

We must never accept anybody who uses the colour of our skin as means of our humiliation, as a means of our indignification, even if that means in exchange for a job.

You steal my car, you don't apologise. You return it.

We are not going to be part of the removal of the public protector, because she is going against Pravin Gordhan.

We know that a rogue unit existed inside SARS and it was engaged in illegal activities. They were bugging NPA offices.

What would have happened if the was no EFF, with the deterioration of the ANC? The DA would have become an even more powerful political party, but whose interest fundamentally is the protection of white privilege.

Coalitions can only be constituted by clean candidates, number one. Number two, parties that are willing to accept that they did not win elections, which is the difficult part of the Democatic Alliance.

Never show contempt to the public protector. It doesn't matter who holds that office. It doesn't matter the incumbent. Protect and respect Chapter 9 institutions or else you are going to be met with protests here and we are ready for anything, the army, your hooligans that you call security. We are ready for all of them.