Mmusi Maimane Quotes

Mmusi Maimane.

The error that people have made historically is to make the assumption that if you deal with Jacob Zuma, the ANC can self-correct. It cannot be so.

My project is not to replace one race with another. My project is to build one South Africa for all.

I don't hold hatred to the ANC. I think it played a very crucial role in liberation politics. The question for South Africa now is about South Africa's future.

Every contract that is conceived in South Africa by the state has elements of corruption in it.

There is no nice way of stealing.

The ANC has a history of being able to defend criminality, they defended Jacob Zuma.

I never went into politics for a career.

Your convictions are always sharpened when they are tested.

When you are in a struggle in a fight for non-racialism, it isn't always gonna get rewarded at the polls.

If you don't see that I'm black, you don't see me.

It cannot be that Zanu will govern forever, because they are governing with impunity. They are oppressing their own people.

I don't support the notion of nationalisation, of land expropriation without compensation. I think those are issues that steer away from our constitutionality as South Africa.

I allow my kids to ask any question they like.

Speaker, don't give him an opportunity to make himself a fool.

The 80s in Soweto were some of the most violent times I've ever watched.

I had a resolute commitment from my parents who worked exceptionally hard to ensure they paid the price for all of us to go to school and make opportunities.

I went to a public school that was back then one of the first few to be integrated, but make no mistake, it had very strong elements of inequality.

I want a Gauteng that is safe, where ultimately there is an honest and a professional police where we can decentralise policing back into there.

The ANC believes the state must be at the centre of development. I believe citizens and private citizens have an ability to create wealth.

If you have a state led economic development, what you'll end up doing is protecting SOEs which bring fiscal constraint. You will end up in an environment where ultimately the state views itself as an employer, that's why we've ended up with a bloated state.

If we want our economy to grow, we need to change the government.

No country anywhere in the world will allow you to go in and out without legal certainty.