Nandi Madida Quotes

Nandi Madida.

Don't compromise yourself, your principles and who you are.

I'm very strong headed in terms of making sure females feel inspired and should be innately themselves.

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed, sometimes you are okay, but you need to find mechanisms for you to control your anxiety.

Fashion has money, but it also doesn't have money. It depends where you're sitting.

If you're feeling alone and feeling you're the only one feeling anxious. No, people like myself are as well.

I'm always a bit critical of NGOs that almost make us a charity case as Africans.

We all go through challenges, we all are broken somehow, we go through experiences, but that really shapes who we are.

It's important to know that you are not alone and that there is someone else in the exact same situation or very similar, but is choosing to be positive about it.

I have so much love, it's insane.

For me, it's about embracing what you are about. Being unique and pushing the envelope.

We have the voice to challenge our leaders.

Our moral fibre is really low as South Africans. We can kill for a ring. We can kill for ice cream. It starts in the household.

Lots of people want to start businesses, but the crime is high.

Understand your craft, what you love, your passion, where you're wanting to go and navigate yourself towards that.

If you're really passionate about something, you put in the work even when no one is watching or you are not as cool as everyone else.

I'm imperfect. I'm learning. I'm human.

Authenticity is always key.

You can be really a horrible human being and because you are successful and because you are moneyed, we somewhat value you and I think we need to change that narrative.

Time is the most important commodity for kids. They just want your time.

I have no limits and I think that's important. You live once, so live it to the fullest.