Nomzamo Mbatha Quotes

Nomzamo Mbatha.

For me growing up, I had to grow up very quickly. The thing with KwaMashu is that you're exposed to so much, a gun shot was normal.

I have to learn to take failure in my stride, failure in work and failure in relationships.

If you believe in something, be headstrong in something. Whoever is going to come into your life must be able to match that.

If a black girl is winning. In fact, if any woman is winning, that's a win for everyone else.

For me, it's important to live a life that is beyond just myself. To stand for something that advocates for good and advocates to shaping humanity.

For a long time women have always been known to be pitted against each other.

It's important for us to represent the woman that is not represented a lot in the media.

How do we bury patriarchy without including the man in the conversation? We have to include him in the conversation.

Discipline will set you apart and it will set your journey apart, whether you sink or you swim.

I've always been one to speak about and affirm my thoughts and my dreams.

It feels good to know that I'm in charge of my own destiny.

Do not compare your step 2 to someone else's step 10. Because immediately when you see somebody way ahead, perhaps maybe your age or not even your age, you immediately feel like you're not doing enough.

I truly believe that as South Africans we are so versatile in who we are.

I believe that I'm a storyteller at heart and I'd love to play with other storytellers around the world.

I want to cultivate the culture of not being afraid of who you are and where you come from and being a representation of your continent and being a representation of your people.

We don't represent just ourselves, we represent our people.

Together, we are so much better, collaboration is key.

Many things have attacked the African continent, but look at us. Time and time again, we have come out at the top. We have come out as victors.

My end goal has always been to strive to become a better me.

I'm just here to make money and I'm here to engage, to impact and to challenge.