Pearl Thusi Quotes

Pearl Thusi.

I think for every generation there has always been someone who has to pay the price and for me right now, one of the most important things is to actively fight for women to get paid what they're due.

I don't believe in America being the place that everyone should aspire to be in order to feel like they're successful, I believe in Africa.

I feel like really with children, we have borrowed this world and this earth from them because we owe it to them to hand over a better world.

I think that actors need to get unified in order for us to actually end up demanding and getting what we want.

Children learn from what you do, not what you say. So what I've learnt is that sometimes they are actually repeating my own behaviour. It's a very hard thing to accept, that they are acting like you.

People are so desperate for clout and attention that they'll even embarrass their parents' school fees on social media.

If you say nothing or say something, someone will be offended. So then what choice do you have? Just do what you think is right, say what you think is right.

The strongest value to live by is to stand for something or fall for anything.

Just be honest and be genuine about who you are and that doesn't mean that if you are cruel person who hurts other people be genuine to that.

Don't look down on someone unless you are putting your hand out to help them up.

I'm a strong defender of my truth. I'm a strong advocate for doing right as often as I possibly can.

Happiness is a choice and I never want my external circumstances to affect how I feel about me and my value and my happiness.

I just hope to die with nothing left to give to the world. I must completely empty.

Twitter only has this many characters, explaining yourself on social media is quite exhausting.

When I first landed in Joburg, I ended up having a child, I went back home, thought let me just get an office job. But I just had so much FOMO. I didn't even know what I was missing out on, but knew that this is not where I belong.

If you follow your passion, follow your dream. Believe in yourself. Don't do it for the fame. Don't do it for the attention. Do it for the love of what it is that you do, because it will make all the difference.