Somizi Mhlongo Quotes

Somizi Mhlongo.

The older I get and the more popular and love I get, the more richer I become. I have so much to lose.

I've always been sober. You know when I say sober, like I've never taken drugs and that's one thing I'm so proud about.

I am the most stubborn person in the world.

If you want to see a perfect example of what a mother is, go to my mother. That woman is my Chuck Norris.

The reason why the success rate of our children is limited is because parents live their dreams through their children and my parents did not want to do that.

My father said to me, passion is the only thing that will sustain you through thick and thin.

Sometimes in life we are forced to be around people that either think like us or successful like us or rich like us.

I never hold grudges. I forgive. I never hate. There is not one single person that I can say I hate, because I understand the concept of hate.

My job on earth is not to explain myself.

My life now is like looking at the sea, it never ends. My blessings are like standing on the ocean, they never end.

God won't throw you in fire if you are not ready, but sometimes you might not be ready, but when he throws you in the fire, understand the concept. The concept is for you to come out as gold.

No one person has one talent. We all have more than one talent.

The people that will be your downfall, most of the time 99%, are people that witness your success at first hand and they can't handle it.

When you are grateful, you will forever remind yourself that there is someone that would do anything to be in your situation.

It's okay to downgrade. It's okay to say why am I driving this car that's more expensive than my house? Why am I spending R10 000 when I earn R11 000 a month over nothing? It's okay to say I can't afford it. It's okay to say guys we're going out, let's split the bill.

Don't run away from your problems, because they'll always be there waiting for you and they'll make things worse.

I'm one person who is not apologetic with the talents that I have. I have a lot of talents and my plan, God willing, is to experience all of them unapologetically.

The lowest low was when I was sick and the doctor told me I've got two days to live.

One thing I knew from day one was that I'm not straight, but I questioned the fact that I could be bisexual and then later I realised no no I'm not bisexual, I'm gay.

Nobody owes you anything, because when you start thinking that somebody owes you something or a favour, it's a sense of entitlement which is wrong.

Stop thinking that people owe you anything. You are on your own, do things on your own, by yourself and if you get support, great. If you don't, still go ahead.