Thuli Madonsela Quotes

Thuli Madonsela.

The corrupt forces use social injustice as an excuse. President Zuma was president for more than 8 years before he started talking about land expropriation without pay and he only started to talk about that when he had his back against the wall on state capture.

I don't believe in expropriation without pay. I do believe that we have to address the land question.

I have no view about whether president Zuma should go or not.

Personally, I would say that president Zuma may be judged harshly by history in that he refused to embrace the centrality of ethics in the South African constitution.

If we don't address social justice, we are going to lose the democracy project.

Any economy that leaves the bulk of its people behind is doomed to fail.

The wounds that were created by apartheid will not heal if we don't deal with social injustice.

We are not going to fix crime if don't fix the socioeconomic conditions that drive crime.

BEE was doomed to fail. The concept of BEE is right, but the assimilationist model of BEE that was created was doomed to fail. Just from an economics point of view, it was doomed to fail. You can't have a few lift the majority.

Countries that have succeeded have invested in small businesses everywhere.

I want to say to South Africa, in many ways, today is better than yesterday. But it could be better.

Poverty and inequality were deliberately created in this country.

If you don't reduce inequality, it grows.

You can be in a leadership position, but not be a leader.

Immigration is a good thing, we all love the whole notion of being global citizens. But forced immigration is never a good thing.

For the rule of law to suffice, we need to have people governed by consent. If you are going to rule by decree, you are going to have a situation where pretty much most people ignore the rules and therefore you are going to rely on the police and the army which exacerbates rather than solves the problem. Because then people begin to resent the government as we did during the apartheid.

Protecting the public may be sometimes against politics of the day.

Even the most benevolent of governments have within them the propensity for human failings.

Watching the judiciary discharge its responsibilities as the ultimate guardians of the constitution has been the source of immense pride and joy.

Those that we put forward to be the guardians of democracy are supposed to be selfless and look after people's interests first before others.

The world we want is in our hands and together we can build a South Africa of our dreams and the world that affirms the humanity everywhere.