Vusi Thembekwayo Quotes

Vusi Thembekwayo.

The most effective way to fund a business is your customers, it's not external capital.

A business is an instrument for the work. It's not the purpose for existing.

Wealth is about options, it's not about money.

The thing about intergenerational wealth is often first generations, which generate the wealth, live well beneath their means. If you live at your means or above it, then by definition there's nothing to live behind.

People often misunderstand assignment for destination, those are not the same things. Assignment is the job to do, destination is the place to go and in going to the place, I have a job to do.

Buying Tesla shares doesn't mean you support Elon Musk, buying a Tesla does. And this is what our government doesn't understand.

Here's a great way to know if you're making an impact in your market. Ask yourself if the CEO of your largest competitor knows you exist.

We have to stop calling our companies 'Holdings' and 'Group'. If you're a holdings company with a series of services companies, that's fine. But if you have a functional business that does a thing, you can't hold things, you must operate things.

Pick a struggle and fight a struggle.

I don't want you guys leaving here thinking everything I do turns to gold. I fail all the time, ask my team members, they'll tell you, all the time.

You haven't really failed, you just found a path that doesn't lead to where you wanna go.

You can't use competitive dynamics to assess a problem that does not exist.

If the law prohibits you driving at 160km/h, you can't say the reason my buses are always late is because I can't drive at 160km/h. You've got to make your buses leave earlier.

The more difficult the problem you have to fix, the better you should stick in that industry.

If there is one excuse I never accept from entrepreneurs is 'I can't sell'.

South African market is fairly oligopolistic.

He who sells the product controls product placement, positioning and sentiment.

If you ever lack motivation, just imagine your worst nightmares coming true. Imagine you've got zero in the bank account, your biggest customer leaves you and your biggest competitor doubles revenue.

There's nothing like a good crisis to galvanise effort.

If you have an employee today, you fire them. If they come back in three months time, they shouldn't recognise what you are doing. They should go 'wow, you've moved so fast'.

Most of us don't understand the power that we have and we don't even know how to exercise that power.

All a bank is, is nothing more than a stokvel that has the license to lend money out.

Whilst there was a deliberate system that sought to keep us as a people disenfranchised, the greatest victory of that system is not that it kept black people disenfranchised, it's that it taught you and I that it's okay to think and do small.